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啟思新高中中國語文(第二版) 啟思中國語文(第四版) 啟思生活中國語文(第四版) Oxford New Senior Secondary English series NEW CENTURY Mathematics (Senior) 新世代數學 (高中) NEW CENTURY Mathematics (Junior) 新世代數學 (初中) NSS PHYSICS AT WORK 新高中生活與物理 NSS Mastering Biology 新高中基礎生物學 SS Exploring Geography 高中活學地理



New Senior Secondary Mastering Biology is a series written for the Biology and Combined Science (Biology) Curriculum and Assessment Guides commencing in 2009. It consists of nine volumes:

Compulsory Part   Elective Part
Book 1A
Book 1B
Book 2*
Book 3*
Book 4*
Book E1 Human physiology: regulation and control
Book E2 Applied ecology
Book E3 Microorganisms and humans
Book E4 Biotechnology
*Special editions of Books 2, 3 and 4 are available for students taking Combined Science (Biology)

Special features
Enable effective learning
Chapters organized from simple to complex

Equip for HKDSE and SBA
Exercise including past HKCEE, HKAL and overseas exam questions helps develop problem-solving skills
Misconception points out students’ common misconceptions identified in public exams
Quick check enables students to check their understanding of concepts after a section
Practical helps students master biological knowledge and practical skills in SBA
Assignment provides guidelines for the non-practical parts of SBA

In line with curriculum emphases
STSE connection covers issues about the interconnections of Science, Technology, Society and Environment
Historical note provides historical development of key biological concepts
Reading to learn provides scientific readings with questions to test if students can apply their knowledge to unfamiliar cases and their understanding of nature and history of Biology

Cater for student diversity
Questions are graded in levels of difficulty
Hint guides students to answer difficult questions


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