Oxford Path Courses
Back-to-school Offer for New Oxford Students
Looking for quality language education for your children in the new school year?
Oxford Path Courses are tailored to align with the local education system, with a strong emphasis on helping students master language learning skills and boost their confidence in learning. What’s more, our teachers have received stringent training and validation to ensure the quality of our courses.
Enrol your children in regular Oxford Path Courses now! From now on, new students who enrol in a regular Oxford Path Course for two months or more can receive a set of Oxford Story Tree (10 books in 1 set worth up to $526) for free.
*A certificate will be awarded by Oxford University Press (OUP) to students who have successfully completed a level of the programme and taken the respective assessment test.
*OUP Accredited Centres provide free assessment.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Students who did not enrol in any regular Oxford Path Courses between 1 September 2017 and 31 July 2018 are regarded as new students.
  2. Summer Courses are exempted. Students who have only attended summer Oxford Path Courses in 2018 are also entitled to this offer.
  3. New students must enrol in a regular Oxford Path Course between 1 August and 31 October 2018, start the first lesson no later than 31 October 2018 and study for at least 2 months to enjoy the offer.
  4. Oxford Path Courses include Read Write Inc by Oxford, Comprehension and Writing by Oxford and Keys Chinese Course.
  5. One gift is offered for each enrolled course. If a new student enrols in more than one course, he/she will get more than one gift.
  6. Gifts are assigned by Oxford University Press and are not available for recipients to select.
  7. Gifts are not exchangeable for cash.
  8. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of the Terms and Conditions, the Chinese version prevails.
  9. Should any disputes arise, the decision of Oxford University Press shall be final.

Overview of Oxford Path Courses
Oxford Path Courses cater for children's learning needs and offer comprehensive and quality-assured Chinese and English courses suitable for students of different levels. To help your children master the skills of learning Chinese and English., enrol them in Oxford Path Courses now!
Read Write Inc by Oxford Suitable for children aged 4 or above
This comprehensive programme is emphasises the integration of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to improve children’s literacy in English. The programme begins with the teaching of blending and segmenting skills to improve children’s ability to read and spell. RWI by Oxford systematically helps develop children’s writing and comprehension skills, ultimately aiming to groom children into effective readers and strong writers of English through pure sounds, storybooks, and creative writing tasks.​

Comprehension & Writing by Oxford Suitable for children aged 6 or above
To effectively improve children’s English proficiency, both reading and writing skills must be incorporated in the curriculum as they complement each other. Through reading, students are exposed to new words, different sentence patterns and various topics. Most importantly, they are taught strategies to achieve reading comprehension. Using the knowledge gained from reading, students can enrich their compositions and improve writing skills with a variety of sentence structures, language features, and accurate application of grammar rules.
Comprehension & Writing by Oxford is comprised of paired lessons in reading and writing. The structure allows students to reinforce their reading and writing skills in tandem. Students are guided to apply the knowledge learnt from the reading lessons to tasks in the writing lessons.
The course adopts the genres and topics of the articles from daily life, helping students relate their own experience to language learning.

Oxford Path Chinese Course Suitable for K2-P3 children
The course helps kindergarten students and primary school students overcome difficulties in learning Chinese. The small-step teaching method guides children to solve the learning problems one by one, helping them to build a good foundation. At the same time, it aims at both school-based and public examinations, teaches test strategies and answering techniques, and comprehensively enhances children’s Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

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