Why Oxford Path Playgroup?

Oxford Path Playgroup is developed by the professional editorial team at Oxford University Press and experienced English teachers. Similar to the Oxford Path home learning package, Oxford Path Playgroup adopts a storytelling approach and is genuinely designed for young children to learn English.

The playgroup is taught by experienced tutors from OUP Authorised Learning Centres. Your child will be able to learn English, develop social skills and improve gross and fine motor skills through storytelling, sing-along and multi-sensory activities.

How Oxford Path Playgroup Helps Your Child Learn English?

Designed by Experienced Teachers to Cater For Your Child’s Learning Needs

Developed by experienced English teachers, Oxford Path Playgroup has incorporated the English learning elements of Oxford Path into games and activities. Contents of the lessons are arranged according to themes to help your child learn English systematically and prepare for the new learning environment in kindergarten.

Oxford Path’s Fascinating Stories to Nurture Reading Habits

All children love stories. The playgroup is based on Oxford Path stories which are fun and directly relevant to your child’s everyday life. Story themes include fear of the dark, taking a bath and how to be polite. They make it easy for your child to engage with the stories and develop an interest in reading.


Interactive Games to Enhance Communication Skills

In Oxford Path Playgroup, native English-speaking tutors will play various games with your child. The interactive learning environment encourages them to speak English, get along with others and improve their communication skills.

Multi-Sensory Learning Approach to Facilitate All-round Development

Children are curious about the world. Tutors will guide your child in using visual, auditory and tactile senses to explore their surroundings and learn English words. Sing-along activities help your child develop cognitive and social skills, as well as improve their gross and fine motor skills.


Theme- based learning approach

Theme-based learning approach can broaden children’s recognition of the world. Children will be taught basic vocabulary first, then move on to learn more relevant words.

Sentence Patterns
and Expressions

Once children have acquired basic vocabulary, they will learn how to build sentences, follow instructions and express themselves.

Moral Education and Values
Through stories and games, our tutors will teach children social and moral values to encourage well-rounded development.

Course Design

  • The playgroup is divided into 3 levels and is suitable for children aged 1-3.
  • Collaborative learning with 4 to 6 children per class.
  • Upon completion of each level, your child will be awarded a certificate.
Levels Lessons Duration (2 lessons/ week) Ages
Oxford Tot I

48 lessons, 1 hour/ lesson

6 months

Age 1 or above

Oxford Tot II 48 lessons, 1 hour/ lesson

6 months

Age 1.5 or above

Oxford Tot III

64 lessons, 1 hour/ lesson

8 months

Age 2 or above

* Learning progress varies upon the scheduling of OUP Authorised Learning Centres

Oxford Tot I

Age 1-1.5
(Accompanied by a parent)


  • Learn to adapt to an English-speaking environment
  • Develop gross motor skills
  • Learn to understand simple English instructions
  • Participate in multi-sensory learning activities
  • Learn to answer questions in simple English
  • Foster an interest in reading



Oxford Tot II

Age 1.5-2
(Accompanied by a parent)


  • Enrich vocabulary through storytelling
  • Enhance gross and fine motor skills
  • Learn to use simple English phrases to express themselves through roleplaying
  • Develop an interest in reading
  • Improve English listening and comprehension skills
  • Improve their self-care skills



Oxford Tot III

Age 2-3
(Not accompanied by a parent)


  • Master simple English conversations
  • Build a strong foundation in phonics
  • Enhance English listening and speaking skills in preparation for learning to read and write the language
  • Foster an interest in reading
  • Improve social skills through interactive storyreading
  • Learn good moral values


After completing the Oxford Path Playgroup programme, children can stretch their English language skills by moving on to RWI by Oxford.