The ‘Flying high through e-learning’ seminar was another warmly received event held by OUP at the University of Hong Kong on 10 December. The seminar called on two distinguished guest speakers to share their insights on enhancing teaching effectiveness with e-learning.
Dr Sze, Professional Consultant (Honorary) of the CUHK, started the seminar by sharing his valuable experience in using the flipped classroom approach to teach a primary 4 English class. The audience was mesmerized by the joyful flipped classroom activities with ‘zero’ disciplinary issues. The authentic ‘Shopping for the class party’ module included inspiring tasks of pre-class videos, fun activities like in-class interviews and creation of animated videos, followed by a post-module quiz. Dr Sze concluded his presentation by emphasizing how the flipped classroom activities can benefit both students and teachers. Students get less frustrated with their homework with all the pre-class preparations and fun practical in-class activities. This allows them to explore the subject in a much deeper manner, while teachers can support students to learn with better understanding and become self-directed learners.
In the second session, Dr Wilton Fok, Director of HKU e-Learning Development Laboratory, introduced 6 easy steps using iClass to plan e-learning lessons. Instead of the one-way teaching, students watch video lectures at home, complete engaging in-class tasks, inspiring multiple choice questions, online evaluations, create animations for peer sharing and do journal writing. This session ended with a lively real-time activity with instant feedback online. Teachers attending the workshop all participated actively with enthusiasm using their mobile devices.

Video of workshop
Part 1: What, Why and How to Flip Your English Language Lessons 
Dr Paul Sze 

Part 2: Using e-Learning to Enhance Teaching Effectiveness
Dr Wilton Fok 

Here are some snapshots of the day.