OUP is committed to early childhood education. Over the years, we have published quality Chinese coursebooks and Putonghua teaching materials to help young children build a good foundation for Chinese learning.



Written in accordance with the latest Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide (2017), this developmentally appropriate series helps young children acquire knowledge through multi-sensory learning and interesting exploratory activities related to their daily experience. It supports all-round personal growth, develops essential skills, and nurtures positive attitudes as well as a love of learning in children.
Eight learning packs are designed for each level (K1 - K3). Each pack includes a storybook, an activity book, word cards, maths cards, mission cards and paper figures, which are all compatible with Oxford Reading Pen. After reading a storybook, teachers and children can further explore different learning areas to enrich children’s knowledge by doing a wide variety of activities using the activity book. This stimulates them to think scientifically in different perspectives and also develops their generic skills, encouraging a balanced development in their first year of kindergarten. This series also comprises a wide range of supporting materials to facilitate teaching and learning in the classrooms.

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In line with the latest Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide (2017), this acclaimed series introduces an enhanced framework for teaching through stories. By guiding young children to see the world from broader perspectives, the series sets the stage for exploration, lifelong learning and whole-person development. In addition, the accompanying Teacher’s Guides are updated with a wealth of practical advice on play-based learning and moral education, with a view to maximizing young children’s learning outcomes.

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This is a series specially designed for children aged between 2 and 3. Through the interesting stories and the movable parts that offer multisensory stimulation, this series arouses children’s interest to learn and stimulates their thoughts. 

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This series follows the Guide to the Pre-primary Curriculum and covers the Six Learning Areas for the holistic development in early childhood. It consists of 45 titles that target N1-K3 children.

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The interesting stories and activities in this series help children learn about the origins and meanings of some traditional festivals.

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This series teaches children Putonghua in meaningful contexts. In addition, Oxford Reading Pen will further enhance their listening, speaking and reading skills.

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