OUP publishes activity books, rhyme and song books for young children and teachers.



This series aims to prepare young children for the learning in primary schools. The series contain textbooks of Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics and General Studies, as well as a Student Handbook.

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These activity books are full of festive fun. Children can revise what they learnt in schools through a wide range of activities in the workbooks. A storybook goes with each workbook and it enables children and parents to enjoy reading in the holidays.

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This is a playful series specially designed for young children. There are interesting and sophisticated activities for children extending learning in Summer Holidays. Useful information for parents is provided.

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This series adopts the Whole Language Approach which helps young children establish solid foundation of language skills. Children can also learn general knowledge, positive attitudes and values through beautifully written chants and rhymes.

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唱遊 100 分

The series is aiming to nurture young children's love of and interest in music. This comprehensive series contains student books, teachers' books and song CDs.

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This book is the best companion for teachers who are interested in Story Approach to Integrated Learning (SAIL). The content covers relevant theories and practices which help readers get an in-depth understanding of SAIL.