Talk About China
with Oxford

Engaging readers in 6 levels
Extensive cultural topicsPopular book genres
Global awareness and perspectives
Popular book genres Extensive cultural topics
Engaging readers in 6 levels
Extensive cultural topicsPopular book genres
Popular book genres Global awareness and perspectives
Engaging readers in 6 levels 

Talk about China with Oxford is a reader series of 24 titles perfect for primary students getting to know about Chinese culture and traditions, and their connection to the world. Drawing together intriguing topics and compelling storylines, the readers enhance students' reading and learning experiences.

This exciting series supports the ‘Reading to Learn’ pedagogy. Each reader features quizzes and activities to enhance students’ vocabulary learning and the development of language skills, and to cultivate higher-order thinking.

Are you ready? Gather up and read!


China topics, global perspectives

A collection of fiction, non-fiction and stories about famous Chinese figures to explore Chinese culture and traditions in different ways

Life values through stories

Great stories to motivate young learners to explore important life values and develop positive attitudes towards the world, their community and themselves

Good reads for young learners

Plots easy to relate to with twists and humour, illustrations and real-life photos to help learners understand the context

Inquiry-based approach

Big questions to introduce the theme and help learners reflect on key issues addressed in the readers

Integrated skills

Quizzes and activities to help stretch vocabulary and language skills

Feature boxes with additional information

Extra information, fun facts, cultural knowledge and language tips to help broaden learners’ horizons

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