Oxford Primary English Seminar—Teaching cross-curricular reading: How to promote cross-curricular reading

In order to provide practical solutions regarding the teaching of cross-curricular reading, Oxford University Press organized a Primary English seminar on 17 November 2018 at Hong Kong Productivity Council.

A cross-curricular approach broadens the students’ knowledge base and enriches their learning experiences. However, it can be a bit overwhelming for English teachers because of the diversified reading content. During the seminar, Lynn H. Mallory, the Professional Development Manager for OUP, shed some light on how to teach cross-curricular content in factual and fictional reading texts with selective readers. Rather than focusing on vocabulary teaching, she suggested that teachers personalize the students’ learning experience while constantly activating their background knowledge and recycling the new knowledge in authentic contexts.

The seminar was enthusiastically received. Teachers were impressed by the variety of the content found in the OUP readers and how they can be an effective component of a cross-curricular teaching approach.

Here are some snapshots of the seminar: