Oxford Secondary English Seminar—‘Your Journey To Excellence Begins Here’

OUP constantly strives to provide Junior and Senior Secondary students with the best tools and guidance on their journey to excellence in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE). At our Secondary English seminar—‘Your Journey To Excellence Begins Here’ on 29 March 2019, we showcased our latest blended assessment tools and multimodal support for helping students achieve excellence in the public exams. 

The ELT Editorial team highlighted how Junior Oxford Essential Listening (Second Edition), Oxford Essential and Advanced Thematic Anthology, and Oxford Essential and Advanced HKDSE Practice Papers were the perfect companions for all students on their Assessment Journey.

Teachers learnt how both Junior Oxford Essential Listening (Second Edition) and Oxford Essential and Advanced Thematic Anthology help fuel students for their journey ahead through helping them build the necessary reading and listening skills at Junior Secondary. This is possible thanks to the strong emphasis on steady progress, manageable tasks, self-directed learning and strong exam support in Junior Oxford Essential Listening (Second Edition). Combined with the engaging and comprehensive reading topics, multimodal resources and strong teaching support found in Oxford Essential and Advanced Thematic Anthology, students will have the strongest foundation and fuel they need to excel at Senor Secondary and beyond.

The comprehensive blended assessments tools and substantial diagnostic resources in Oxford Essential and Advanced HKDSE Practice Papers then aid teachers in better gauging their students’ performance and thus enable them to target their student’s weaknesses more effectively. The practice papers also feature brand new topics, text types and question types, which are all organized on a carefully graded scale of progression based on detailed analysis of the real HKDSE exams. This ensures that students are well prepared for the public exams.
In addition, three experienced educators shared their experience and tips for using multimodal resources in teaching English, plus ways to improve and assess students’ English competency.

Dr Paul Sze from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Ms Jenny Leung from HKBUAS Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School imparted their knowledge and experience of using multimodal resources to teach reading. They gave teachers many practical and useful tips on incorporating multiple modalities in their lessons.

Mr Leo Tsui Hang Kin from G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College gave an insightful talk into small yet effective ways to improve and assess students’ writing skills. 

Check out some snapshots from the seminar: