Distinctive Features


Develop Fundamental Comprehension & Writing Skills In 6 Years

With pairing lessons in reading and writing, the programme introduces different text types, vocabularies and grammar rules in an orderly manner for reading and guides them to apply the skills to writing. The magic wand to train up reading and writing skills in a swing!


12-Level Ability-driven Modules

Designed for children aged 6 and above, the 12-level modules pave the way for future success.


Master Common Text Types at Ease

C&W by Oxford not only expands children’s vocabularies, but also equips them with the essential techniques and strategies for comprehending and writing in different text types.


4+1 Programme for Doubled Benefits

Assess the learning progress in every 5 lessons to help keep the child on the right track!


1 Level 1 Certificate

Children will be awarded a certificate by learning centres upon completion of each level! A boost to explore another extra mile!

Topical Learning

From Reading to Writing, Easy Learning Step by Step

Through specially designed exercises based on Hong Kong school curriculum, students will be exposed to topical vocabulary, reading strategy and question-answering skills during the comprehension lessons. They will then learn to master the text types, grammar rules and writing techniques in the writing lesson. Composition has never been easier!

Step 1

Start with the reading strategy and apply the vocabulary, text types and grammar rules.

Step 2

Excel in vocabularies and grammar rules


Excel Beyond Expectations

Curriculum-based Programme

C&W by Oxford enhances students’ reading and writing skills by covering a wide array of text types frequently appeared in school curriculum.

The text types include diary, poetry, stories, rules, schedules, notes, messages, emails, posters, journals, dramas, scripts, children's encyclopedia, news, questionnaires, letters, brochures, feature articles and recipes etc.

Programme Structure

  • With a total of 12 levels, the programme is suitable for children aged 6 or above.
  • The programme is ability-driven. Students will be awarded a certificate upon completion of each level.


Level Reading Writing Duration

Reading strategy

Vocabulary building

Question-answering techniques

Comprehension exercises

Text types

Writing strategy

Grammar Usage

Writing tasks

1 hour per lesson

20 lessons per level


1.5 hours per lesson

20 lessons per level