C&W by Oxford—Suitable for children aged 6 and above

To effectively improve children’s English proficiency, reading and writing skills must be taught side by side. Through reading, students are exposed to new words, different sentence patterns and various topics but most importantly they are taught strategies to achieve reading comprehension. Using the knowledge gained from reading, students can enrich their compositions and improve writing skills with a variety of sentence structures, grammar rules and language features. 
Comprehension & Writing by Oxford is comprised of paired lessons in reading and writing. The structure allows students to reinforce their reading and writing skills in tandem. Students are guided to apply the knowledge learnt from the reading lessons to tasks in the writing lessons. 
The course introduces students to different text types and themes often encountered in real-life. Through conscious learning and  explicit teaching of different text types, students become more proficient language users and learn how to apply their knowledge to purposeful communication in real-life situations.

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Acquire reading skills progressively – From comprehension to analysis

Acquire writing skills step by step – From narration to creation

Linking Reading and Writing by Themes

Children learn a passage on a theme and related vocabulary and strategies in their reading lesson, and then the relevant text type, grammar rules and strategies in the following writing lesson. Children can apply all that they have learnt to their compositions.
The paired reading and writing lessons share the same themes so that children can instantly apply the topical contents, vocabulary, strategies and language usage they have learnt to different tasks. This approach helps children grasp any newly-acquired knowledge efficiently and effectively.

Here is an excerpt of Level 10, Lesson 9.

Course Structure

• A total of 12 levels (each level takes approximately 5 months to complete).
• Suitable for students aged 6 and above.
• The course is ability-driven.
• Students will be awarded a certificate upon completion of each level.

Level Reading  Writing Duration
• Reading strategies
• Vocabulary building
• Question-answering techniques
• Comprehension exercises
• Text types
• Writing strategies
• Grammar usage
• Writing tasks
1 hour per lesson,  20 lessons per level
9–12 1–1.5 hours per lesson, 20 lessons per level

Quality Teaching Endorsed by Experts and Parents

To improve reading comprehension abilities, it is essential for students to learn the relevant reading skills and strategies for different text types in a progressive manner through systematic and intensive reading. When students become competent readers who understand different text types, they will also become competent 
Dr Paul Sze
Professional Consultant (Honorary)

Department of Curriculum and Instruction The Chinese University of Hong Kong

There aren’t many high quality reading and writing courses in Hong Kong. Comprehensive & Writing by Oxford is a systematic programme. It has taught Cyprus the strategies needed for reading and writing different text types. When Cyrus does his homework or sits for school exams now, he’s able to comprehend the reading passages and find the correct answers to the questions by himself. I don’t have to help him with his English now. This course is really effective. 

Parent:  Mrs Chang
Child: Cyprus Chang (Aged 6)

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