RWI by Oxford-Suitable for children aged 3 and above

Master phonics to gain literacy and communicative competence.

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Astounding Learning Results in the UK

Developed by Ruth Miskin, an eminent literacy consultant in the UK, RWI by Oxford is one of the UK’s leading authorities on literacy teaching.
This comprehensive programme is specifically designed for children aged 4 and above, emphasizing the integration of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to improve children’s literacy in English. The programme begins with teaching blending and segmenting skills to improve children’s ability to read and spell. RWI by Oxford systematically helps develop children’s writing and comprehension skills, ultimately aiming to groom children into effective readers and strong writers of English through pure sounds, storybooks, and creative writing tasks.​

Easy and Fun Learning for Children

1. Mastering pure sounds
RWI by Oxford teaches blending and segmenting of words using pure sounds, so that children can read and spell English words accurately.。

2. Learn to read and write
The curriculum of RWI by Oxford includes 85 storybooks carefully designed with exciting plots and interesting characters, accompanied by fun writing tasks that match children’s phonic knowledge. It aims to foster positive reading habits in children at a young age and enrich their vocabulary, comprehension and writing skills.

3. Enhancement of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
Improvement of children’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through extensive practices.

RWI by Oxford is systematic and scaffolded helping children build their confidence in learning English. New knowledge is learnt more effectively based on the phonics and four skills taught.

Comprehensive Course Curriculum

  • The course comprises of preparatory class and regular levels.
  • Students will be awarded a certificate upon successful fulfilment of the requirements for each level.​

Preparatory Class

Level    Course Content   Duration+
 Early Start*   Set 1 Sounds   ≥ 8 months
* Suitable for children aged 3 – 4. After completing Early Start, students can proceed to Foundation Level (Stage II) starting with Red Ditty Storybooks.

Regular Levels
Level    Course Content   Duration+
Foundation Level (Stage I & II)^   Set 1 Sounds 
Red Ditty Storybooks (10 books) + Get Writing! (10 books)
  ≥ 12 months
Foundation Level (Stage II)   Red Ditty Storybooks (10 books) + Get Writing! (10 books)   ≥ 7.5 months
Elementary Level (Stage I)   Set 2 Sounds 
Green Storybooks (10 books) + Get Writing! (1 book)
  ≥7.5 months
Elementary Level (Stage II)#   Purple Storybooks (10 books) + Get Writing! (1 book)   ≥7.5 months
Intermediate Level (Stage I)   Pink Storybooks (10 books) + Get Writing! (1 book)   ≥7.5 months
Intermediate Level (Stage II)   Set 3 Sounds 
Orange Storybooks (12 books) + Get Writing! (1 book)
  ≥9 months
Advanced Level (Stage I)   Yellow Storybooks (10 books) + Get Writing! (1 book)   ≥10 months
Advanced Level (Stage II)   Blue Storybooks (10 books) + Get Writing! (1 book)   ≥10 months
Upper-advanced Level   Grey Storybooks (13 books) + Get Writing! (1 book)   ≥12 months
^  Completion of Foundation Level (Stage I) only does  not lead to certification. A certificate is only given to students who have 
completed Foundation Level (Stage I & II).
#  Elementary Level (Stage II) is applied subject to students’ performance in assessment at the end of Elementary Level (Stage I).
+ Duration is estimated based on 1 lesson per week.​

Unleashing Children’s Creativity

RWI by Oxford equips children with the necessary skills that are needed for lifelong self-learning. Phonics makes reading and writing of new words easy. The course materials help children learn new sentence structures, develop new ideas and cultivate creativity. Greta is an RWI by Oxford student. Let’s take a look at her journey through the programme:

Greta started in Elementary Level at the age of 4.5. In Green Storybook 5, she was able to comprehend plots fully and apply sentence structures learnt into her writing task. She has also managed to apply words such as “villain” and “naughty” which are advanced for her age into her writing.

In Orange Storybook 9 at Intermediate Level, Greta was able to write a descriptive poem based on the story.

Greta was then able to relate her personal experience to one of the characters in Yellow Storybook 2 at Advanced level, and express her own feelings in her writing.
Parents Sharing
have chosen RWI by Oxford for Zoey because I wanted her vocabulary bank to be enriched. I am pleased that Zoey has learnt to use a variety of words to express herself since taking the course.  Her teacher is very patient and helpful, so Zoey has never felt any pressure attending the classes. In fact, RWI by Oxford has become Zoey’s favourite course!

Zoey Lui (Aged 5) 
– Foundation Level
Hollis started learning phonics in his kindergarten, but his learning progress appeared to be slow in a large class. After he took up RWI by Oxford, the blending and segmenting skills taught have not only helped improve his spelling and writing skills, but has also accelerated his learning progress. He is now able to spell words that he has not yet learnt while applying his English knowledge naturally. 
Hollis Chan (Aged 5) 
– Elementary Level

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