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New Treasure Plus (Second Edition)
Help your students SHINE with New Treasure Plus (Second Edition)!
Packaged with a powerful e-learning platform, comprehensive resources and assessment materials, this engaging Junior Secondary series is specifically designed to facilitate hybrid learning, active self-directed learning and effective language skill development.

Self-directed learning
To help learners develop self-directed learning, New Treasure Plus (Second Edition) provides different types of teaching and learning resources, such as:
  • Self-directed Learning Booklet
  • audio files, flipped classroom videos, videos and auto-marked quizzes
  • Grammar app
  • Self-assessment and peer assessment tools

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Hybrid classroom
Lessons can become more effective when blended with our interactive online activities.
  • Structured—Plan and structure your lessons with ease
  • Motivating—Engage your students with games and interactive activities
  • Collaborative—Students can research and share their work with peers
  • Time efficient—Class time can be spent on more meaningful activities

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Interesting and engaging content
New Treasure Plus (Second Edition) covers a wide range of interesting topics closely related to students’ daily lives. The cross-curricular STEM topics and language arts and non-language arts texts help widen students’ perspective.

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New step-by-step writing
Students write with confidence using the three-step ‘Ready-Set-Go’ approach to writing and get additional writing support by the Power Tools for Writing.

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Enhanced Diagnostic Pack
New Treasure Plus (Second Edition) helps identify different learning needs and develop students’ language skills and effective exam strategies with different resources, such as Diagnostic Exercises, Graded Worksheets, Self-assessment tasks and test and exam papers.

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