Flash Card Learning Tools

Flash Card Learning Tools for English Vocabulary Learning 

Introductory video 

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Oxford’s Flash Card Learning Tools provide learners with opportunities to practise retrieval through spaced repetition. This multi-platform online self-study tool allows learners to acquire thematic vocabulary at their own pace, expand their vocabulary by creating their own flash cards, and keep track of their vocabulary learning progress through interactive flash cards and quizzes.

The Flash Card Learning Tools for Oxford Essential and Oxford Advanced Exam Skills (Third Edition) and Oxford Essential and Oxford Advanced HKDSE Practice Papers (2022 Edition) include the following features:
  • Learn vocabulary with three modules 
    - Flash cards​ (video)
    - Checkpoint (video)
    - Dictation (video)
  • Personalized vocabulary learning (video)
    Create custom cards and card sets using the Text-to-Speech function
    - Search for words under the same themes
    - Copy default cards into customizable card sets for self-directed learning

  • Functions for teachers (video)
    Assign card sets to individual classes to cater for learner diversity
    - View and download reports to monitor students’ progress and adjust teaching strategies

Learn more about how to use the Flash Card Learning Tools here.