New Mastering Science - Oxford Impact Study Report

In October 2019, Oxford University Press (OUP) commissioned a third-party researcher to conduct an impact study, aiming at investigating how New Mastering Science (NMASCI) helps facilitate more effective use of teaching and learning resources in Science lessons.

‘Perceptions of Impact study’ is chosen as the methodology to study perceived impacts from teachers using New Mastering Science in term of effective use of teaching and learning resources.
Perceptions of impact this time had been determined through qualitative data: an online survey targeted on the current teacher users of New Mastering Science was conducted, which successfully collected 106 valid responses. The web link of an online questionnaire (presented in Chinese) was sent to the teachers via email. Interested individuals could access the questionnaire via the link and give their feedbacks directly on the internet.

Key Evaluation Findings 
  • All 106 participants recognized NMASCI can facilitate more effective use of teaching and learning resources.
  • This research proves that the well-structured and organized contents with precise and concise wordings are the strength NMASCI’s textbooks.
  • From the research, it is advised that more teaching resources that can link up scientific knowledge and daily life situation are the most sought-after, as this allow students to utilize the scientific concepts learnt to solve daily-life problem. Meanwhile, they will be more sensitive to the science behind the surroundings, which hopefully can initiate self-learning.