The English textbooks published by OUP adopt the Guide to the Pre-primary Curriculum and facilitate young children in learning authentic English.


Oxford English for Preschool (New in 2021)

Oxford English for Preschool is a three-level integrated English series carefully designed with young children’s learning needs in mind. The series adopts the Simultaneous Multisensory Approach to realize fun and stimulating sensory teaching and learning both in kindergarten and at home.
The use of sound scaffolding strategies and tasks which engage all the senses of young EFL and ESL learners ensures a firm grasp of the language items and mastery of the four basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), equipping them with the essential English knowledge and skills for a smooth transition to English learning in primary school.

Get Set, Go! Phonics (2023 Enhanced version in 2023)

Get Set, Go! Phonics is a three-level series aiming to help young children build a solid foundation of language and phonics skills in kindergartens, and eventually facilitate the development of their speaking, reading and writing skills.

The series specially focuses on developing young children’s phonological awareness (PA) which is fundamental, prerequisite knowledge to enable effective learning of phonics. Through interactive storytelling, engaging chants and songs, as well as various games, young children are able to succeed in the smooth transition to primary English learning.

Newly published in 2023, Get Set, Go! Phonics Plus 1-2 are designed to further support children’s phonics learning at the initial stage.

Get Set, Go! Oxford English

Get Set, Go! Oxford English is an integrated series specially designed for young children learning English. The series adopts the Total Physical Response (TPR), which is proved effective in teaching and learning foreign languages. Through interactive storytelling, games and songs, children are able to learn English in an enjoyable way, and establish a solid foundation for English language.


Games at Home

Games at Home is a three-level series aiming to nurture a love of English learning in young children. The wide variety of interactive language games are specially designed for developing young children's listening and speaking skills. With Oxford Reading Pen, they can enjoy an exciting and rewarding English learning experience with parents at home.