iSolution Updates

iSolution updates

If you see a red dot at the top right corner of the hamburger button  in the iSolution dashboard, there are system updates available.
1. To update your iSolution, please click  >  to My Settings
2. Click  to update the modules.
  • Click the small refresh button next to the modules to update the modules separately.
  • Click the big refresh button   on the lower right corner to update all modules at once.​

Note: We highly recommend you to use the latest version of iSolution to keep your system running smoothly. Technical issues may occur if the system is not up to date.

iSolution will restart and ask you to log in again after updating. Please wait until the login screen appears and DO NOT launch iSolution manually.


What version of iSolution am I using?

To check which version of iSolution you are using:
1. Go to My settings.
2. Click version at the lower right corner, you will see the version numbers of your iSolution.