Junior Secondary Oxford English Writing Competition Whodunnit? Award Presentation Ceremony cum English Writing Seminar

Date: 8 April 2017 (Saturday)
Over 1,600 junior secondary students have entered the competition by completing the detective story started off by Mr Jasper Tsang! This event will award the winners of the writing competition and include sharing by the adjudicators that inspire both teachers and students.

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Oxford Primary English Outstanding
e-Learning Awards 2016-2017

We aim to promote the adoption of e-learning through best practice sharing and build a supporting network to share e-learning teaching strategies among schools. All English teachers who are using any type of e-learning technology for teaching in local primary schools are welcomed to join.

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說說當下中國知識分子的政治參與 ──《花自飄零鳥自呼》發佈會

日期:2017 年 3 月 28 日

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牛津初中地理科研討會──打好基礎 有效學習

牛津初中地理科研討會假香港培正小學K 座錢涵洲紀念樓15樓(九龍窩打老道80號)舉行。講題圍繞初中地理教科書怎樣幫助學生打好基礎,銜接高中。講者為林智中教授、葉劍威老師、黃錦輝老師、何秀紅老師及徐秀銀老師。

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Junior Secondary English Seminar

Date: 25 March 2016 (Saturday)
How to prepare your students to become active life-long learners? Engaging topics and powerful e-learning resources in New Treasure Plus (Second Edition) provides students with enjoyable learning experiences that lead to desirable outcome.

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Primary English Seminar—Enjoy Blended Learning with Ready

Date: 18 March 2016 (Saturday)
Are you ready to develop your students’ language skills through a motivating and meaningful learning experience? Come and find out how Ready can help you to create fun and engaging lessons using our brand new e-learning components.

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「牛津語音階梯」教學工作坊 暨 Get Set, Go! Phonics新書發佈會(現已截止報名)

語音 (Phonics) 是學習英語的重要一環,有助幼兒發展良好的聽說能力,打好往後的讀寫基礎。本社特別舉辦「牛津語音階梯」教學工作坊,邀請黃國成博士化身Dr Eng,跟各位同工細探如何有系統地教導幼兒語音,並帶領大家一起踏跳「牛津語音階梯」;同場並有英語老師示範「牛津語音階梯」教學流程。

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