Oxford HKDSE Exam Analysis Sharing Session

Date: 29 April 2017 (Saturday)
Expert insights on the 2017 HKDSE English Exam

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Junior Secondary Oxford English Writing Competition Whodunnit? Award Presentation Ceremony will be postponed to 5 May, 2017 (Friday).

Congratulations, winners! Please click here to view the winning entries to solve the mystery of Whodunnit!

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牛津大學出版社亦特意邀請董橋於 4 月 23 日「世界閱讀日」親臨金鐘「蘇富比藝術空間」推出新書《讀書便佳》,為各位讀者簽書及介紹其展覽及藏品。

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1995 年,聯合國教科文組織將 4 月 23 日定為「世界閱讀日」,藉此向大眾推廣閱讀和寫作。為響應此一別具意義的日子,牛津大學出版社挑選了一系列的中文書籍,推介予各位愛書人。

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Oxford Primary English Outstanding
e-Learning Awards 2016-2017

We aim to promote the adoption of e-learning through best practice sharing and build a supporting network to share e-learning teaching strategies among schools. All English teachers who are using any type of e-learning technology for teaching in local primary schools are welcomed to join.

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[Past Event] Primary English Seminar—Enjoy Blended Learning with Ready

Date: 18 March 2017 (Saturday)
To provide teachers with a comprehensive solution to developing students’ language skills and raising students’ learning motivation with blended learning, OUP organized a Primary English seminar – ‘Enjoy Blended Learning with Ready’ on Saturday, 18 March 2017. This event also marked the debut of Oxford’s new primary English textbook series, Ready.

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[Past Event] Oxford Junior Secondary English Seminar – Come and experience a new era of learning

OUP organized a Junior Secondary English seminar – ‘Come and experience a new era of learning’ on Saturday, 25 March 2017 to provide teachers with ways to help students become active life-long learners.

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