Multimedia Resources

Oxford Junior Geography XR

Oxford Junior Secondary Exploring Geography XR (OxfordGeogXR) is an augmented reality (AR) platform to be used with Junior Secondary Exploring Geography (Third Edition). By bringing images in the books to life using AR technology, the app creates an interactive experience that enhances the learning of geospatial concepts and geographical topics.

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「牛津小學數學」是一個為配合《校本單元數學學習套》教材而製作的教學資源庫,內容包括教學 Apps、GeoGebra 教件、影片和動畫,能滿足不同的教學需要。

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Maths iTutor

Maths iTutor is an indispensable companion to the New Century Mathematics coursebooks. It is specially designed to facilitate the learning and teaching of secondary mathematics by providing you access to the Teaching Apps and Teaching Videos of the series.

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Mobile Mastering Science (Teacher & Student)

Mobile Mastering Science provides a glimpse of the comprehensive teaching and learning materials on science (in English and Chinese) that would come along with the celebrated Mastering Science Series. It includes animations, simulations, experiment videos, and many other teaching and learning materials. Relax and enjoy the teaching and learning!

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Mobile Physics

A quick and convenient way to view the physics mutimedia resources provided by OUP China.

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