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Oxford University Press Hong Kong, China is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oxford University Press (OUP), which in turn is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

As a leading educational publisher in Hong Kong, OUP’s quality content in English language, Chinese language, Mathematics and Science has facilitated learning and teaching in Hong Kong and Macao since 1961. Its content and services have also provided partnership opportunities which empowered many local and overseas business partners to achieve considerable growth and success.

Begin your Oxford University Press Hong Kong journey and get started in partnering with OUP now! Contact us if you are a distributor, bookstore, educational institute or even an educational technology startup which are looking for quality textbooks, readers and lexical content from the Oxford dictionaries; or if you are interested in distributing our publications and licensing our content; or if you are interested in teaching our courses. You are able to find below 12 series of course books that come with high-quality teaching and learning support both in and beyond Hong Kong.

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Get Set, Go! Phonics

(For children aged 3-8)

It is a three-level series specially designed for young children learning English as a second or foreign language. It provides plenty of support for teachers and parents to help children develop and consolidate their phonics skills.

Get Set, Go! Phonics was the winner of ‘Excellence in Course Innovation’ at the 2018 British Council ELTons Awards, the only international awards that recognize the innovation in English Language Teaching.

Newly published in 2023, Get Set, Go! Phonics Plus 1-2 are designed to further support children’s phonics learning at the initial stage.

Get Set, Go! Oxford English

(For children aged 2-8)

It is a carefully designed English course which enhances the development of four language skills of young learners. Through engaging stories, games and songs, children are able to learn English in an enjoyable and systematic way.

Oxford English for Preschool

(For children aged 2-6)

This is a three-level integrated English series carefully designed with young children’s learning needs in mind. The series adopts the Simultaneous Multisensory Approach to realize stimulating sensory teaching and learning both in kindergarten and at home, equipping children with the knowledge and skills for successful English learning in primary school.


Oxford Story Phonics

(For children aged 3-6)

This six-level phonics programme aims to equip young children with the phonics and literacy skills required for a seamless transition to primary English learning. Developed upon ELTons Award-winning Get Set, Go! Phonics and bestselling Oxford Reading Tree, this systematic course enables young children to become capable beginning readers and writers with growing confidence.

Oxford Little Readers

(For children aged 2-6)

This engaging storybook series is specially designed for very young EFL and ESL learners. Many new themes such as online lessons, life during the pandemic, food delivery and money management are inextricably woven into the stories. The interesting stories stimulates very young children to discover the world around them, as well as nurturing their love of reading and the English language.


(For children aged 3-6)

This is a beginner-level reader series written for young learners of English. The series offers an extensive collection of 48 storybooks including stories, rhymes, non-fiction covering various learning areas such as general science and early mathematics.

Inspire Young Minds for the Future

(For children aged 2-8)

A new series of picture books and activity books that adopt a playful approach to learning, following the kindergarten curriculum guidelines proposed by the Hong Kong Education Bureau. It contains loads of fun activities including STEM +, Music and Drama elements to engage children, and encourage them to develop a sense of wonder.

Bring Your Children on a Learning Journey through Stories

(For children aged 3-6)

This series is designed for young children aged 3 to 6. The beautifully drawn illustrations and interesting story lines help stimulate children’s imagination and develop their Chinese literacy.

Life Tree Stories

(For children aged 3-6)

This is a series adopting whole language approach to develop children’s Chinese literacy and promote life education. Through the 24 inspiring stories, children learn to love themselves and other people, as well as building up positive attitudes and values.



Let’s Learn Putonghua
through Play

(For children aged 3-6)

This series teaches young children Putonghua in meaningful contexts and adopts the story-based approach that makes learning fun.  

Story Approach to Integrated Learning

(For children aged 3-6)

It is a series integrating general studies, Chinese language, early Mathematics, science, arts and crafts, social skills and value education. It aims to inspire true wonder and curiosity in young children.



Oxford Elementary Chinese

(For children aged 6-12)

Oxford Elementary Chinese (OEC) is a four-level series designed especially for young learners to learn Chinese as a foreign language.


(For children aged 5-12)

Ready aims to develop and consolidate language structures and broaden students’ vocabulary through motivating and engaging contexts which are relevant to students.


Oxford Storyland Readers
(Enhanced edition)

(For children aged 5-12)

Oxford Storyland Readers (Enhanced edition)  is a 12-level reader series featuring interesting and lively stories. Each reader for Levels 7 to 12 includes a theme-related factual section to support cross-curricular learning. Picture dictionaries, comprehension questions, games and puzzles reinforce students’ target language and develop reading skills. The phonics guide at the end of each reader facilitates phonics learning in context.


Oxford Achiever
(For children aged 5-12)

Oxford Achiever is an auto-marked and graded assessment system to support young learners to learn at their own pace and build self-confidence. The system provides placement tests to diagnose learners’ language abilities and provide them with level-appropriate practices. The remedial learning materials in the system can also help learners improve their weaknesses. The Achiever system is structured into 24 levels, covering all key learning objectives in the Primary Mathematics curricular.

Tina and Friends

(For children aged 5-12)

Tina and Friends is a storybook series designed to appeal to young learners of English. The series enables children to experience and discover the world around them.

New Magic
(International Edition)

(For children aged 5-12)

New Magic is a six-level course which aims to enhance learner motivation through interesting topics and stimulating tasks while meeting and responding to teachers’ needs.

Chinese Classic Reading Passage

(For children aged 7-12)

This series selected Chinese classic poems and essays for children to study. The text with Chinese pinyin and interesting questions are provided. It aimed at enhance student’s interest in Chinese culture.



New Treasure Plus
(Second Edition)

(For students aged 12-16)

Packaged with an array of printed and digital resources, comprehensive teaching support and assessment materials, this engaging Junior Secondary series, New Treasure Plus (Second Edition), is specifically designed to facilitate hybrid learning, active self-directed learning and effective language skill development.

Oxford Essential and
Oxford Advanced
Thematic Anthology

(For students aged 12-17)

Oxford Essential and Oxford Advanced Thematic Anthology  are two four-level series for Junior and Senior Secondary learners. The series aims to enhance learners’ reading, vocabulary building and writing skills through exposing them to a rich and varied range of language arts and non-language arts texts.


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