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Oxford iSolution

Oxford iSolution is an all-in-one e-learning platform made available to teachers, students and home learners via a single app.

Developed by Oxford University Press (China) Ltd., the platform provides users with easy and direct access to an array of e-learning resources, e-textbooks, interactive activities and assessment materials for school education and home learning.

With cloud technologies, Oxford iSolution promotes mobile learning and enables users to learn anytime, anywhere with their PCs or mobile tablets.

Remarks: OLA has been integrated as one of the modules in Oxford iSolution, OLA can be found by logging in to Oxford iSolution.  

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Oxford University Press (China) Educational ebook

Enjoy your very own personalized bookshelf with the OUPC Edu app! Experience unmatched convenience in downloading a wide selection of quality educational publications from Oxford University Press (China) Ltd.

With a fresh, user-friendly interface, the OUPC Edu bookshelf gives you the ease of searching and browsing your books by subject and grade level, as well as instant access to any multimedia learning materials in the books via a built-in resource bank.

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Oxford Achiever

Oxford Achiever 'Assessment for Learning' System is an assessment system developed with the aim of building students' language skills and subject knowledge along an individualized, self-paced learning path. The Achiever system is structured into 36 levels, covering all key learning objectives in the Primary and Junior Secondary English, Chinese and Mathematics curricular.



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