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Oxford iSolution

Oxford iSolution is an all-in-one e-learning platform made available to teachers, students and home learners via a single app.

Developed by Oxford University Press (China) Ltd., the platform provides users with easy and direct access to an array of e-learning resources, e-textbooks, interactive activities and assessment materials for school education and home learning.

With cloud technologies, Oxford iSolution promotes mobile learning and enables users to learn anytime, anywhere with their PCs or mobile tablets.

Oxford Exercise Platform

Oxford Exercise Platform meets teachers' assessment needs in a one-stop solution by combining content organization, creation and distribution of assessment exercises, and analysis of student performance. The platform supports multiple devices and systems, requiring no installation, making it convenient for students to practice anytime, anywhere.

Key Features Highlights:
  • With a large amount of default exercises and questions, teachers can easily select suitable exercises to assign to students and save preparation time
  • The platform allows teachers to create new questions and customise existing questions according to different instructional needs, thus enables teachers to design exercises that cater to diverse learning styles
  • The platform offers various question types that can be graded automatically or manually. It also supports handwritten mathematical equations and open-ended responses, which provides greater flexibility in answering questions
  • Teachers can instantly understand students' submission status of all assigned exercises, thus enable easy progress tracking and real-time feedback
  • The platform provides a variety of report types with charts, enable teachers to analyse student abilities across specific categories and dimensions to personalise their teachings



  • 以練習考察學習進度
  • 自建個人詞庫,豐富寫作詞匯
  • 輕鬆擴充詞庫,照顧校本需要
  • 模擬默書省課時,自主自助見成效




  • 每課均設有語音評測
  • 依照課本的內容設計
  • 運用智能語音評測技術
  • 體驗完整的學習歷程
  • 循序漸進的評測模式
  • 一鍵匯出個人化報告




  • 內置超過500道題目的測驗功能,提升應試能力
  • 多元化默寫功能,有效背誦篇章
  • 提供影片、內容總結及作法總結,加深理解
  • 備有粵普朗讀、注釋、語譯及字詞卡功能,方便温習


Flash Card Learning Tools

Flash Card Learning Tools for English Vocabulary Learning 

Introductory video 

Learn vocabulary anytime, anywhere with our Flash Card Learning Tools! (link)

Oxford’s Flash Card Learning Tools provides learners with opportunities to practise retrieval through spaced repetition. This multi-platform online self-study tool allows learners to acquire thematic vocabulary at their own pace, expand their vocabulary by creating their own flash cards, and keep track of their vocabulary learning progress through interactive flash cards and quizzes.

The Flash Card Learning Tools for Oxford Essential and Oxford Advanced Exam Skills (Third Edition) includes the following features:
  • Learn vocabulary with three modules 
    - Flash cards​ (video)
    - Checkpoint (video)
    - Dictation (video)
  • Personalized vocabulary learning (video)
    Create custom cards and card sets
    - Search for words under the same themes
  • Functions for teachers (video)
    Assign card sets to individual classes to cater for learner diversity
    - View and download reports to monitor students’ progress and adjust teaching strategies

Learn more about how to use the Flash Card Learning Tools here.

Oxford Achiever

Oxford Achiever 'Assessment for Learning' System is an assessment system developed with the aim of building students' language skills and subject knowledge along an individualized, self-paced learning path. The Achiever system is structured into 36 levels, covering all key learning objectives in the Primary and Junior Secondary English, Chinese and Mathematics curricular.

More about Oxford Achiever

A research study was commissioned to conduct an impact study, aiming at exploring students’ motivation and enjoyment in learning English using Oxford Achiever.
In particular, whether Oxford Achiever motivates students to learn in an independent manner and enjoy learning. Nearly 500 primary school participants took part and the study found that most responded positively towards enjoyment in learning English, willingness in self- learning and perceived effectiveness of Oxford Achiever.



Oxford Reading Pen

(ISBN: 9780190824419)
Oxford Reading Pen can be used with selected printed materials published by Oxford University Press. With Oxford Reading Pen, children can listen to stories, songs, phonics sounds and make a recording. What is more, children can play interactive games in well-designed activities, enhancing their observation, exploration, logical thinking and problem solving skills.
The printed materials of below series are compatible with Oxford Reading Pen:
  • Oxford Story Tree Level 1-3 (New in 2019)
  • Get Set, Go! Oxford English
  • Get Set, Go! Phonics
  • Get Set, Go! Games at Home 1 – 3
  • 《活學探未來》幼兒學習系列課本及學材
  • 《生命樹全語文故事屋》系列
  • 《愛說普通話》(第二版:點讀版)課本及學材
  • Oxford Children’s English-Chinese Picture Dictionary
To know more about the features of Oxford Reading Pen, please watch our demonstration video.

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