Good readers nurture good children. OUP publishes different reader series to bring wonderful reading experiences to young children.


Oxford Little Readers (New in 2022)

Oxford Little Readers is an engaging storybook series specially designed for EFL and ESL learners aged 2 to 6. The series stimulates very young children to discover the world around them, as well as nurturing their love of reading and the English language.

Oxford Story Tree (Levels 1-7)

Oxford Story Tree series provides an extensive selection of interesting reading materials which feature colourful and humourous real-life situations as well as exciting and imaginative adventures. The materials aim to develop children's reading skills and to arouse their interest in reading for enjoyment. Levels 1 to 7 stories are compatible with Oxford Reading Pen.



This is a series about life education. Through various inspiring stories, children learn to love themselves and other people, as well as build up positive attitudes and values. The series consists of 24 storybooks adopting the Whole Language Approach for the development of language skills among young children. Compatible with Oxford Reading Pen.


Tick-tock! is a beginner-level reader series written for young learners of English. The series offers an extensive collection including stories, rhymes, non-fiction covering various learning areas such as general science and early mathematics.



This series is designed for young children aged between 3 to 6. The beautifully drawn illustrations and the story lines stimulate children’s imagination and language knowledge. This series can be used alongside our Chinese textbooks.