Oxford Achiever-Oxford Impact Study Report

In October 2017 Oxford University Press (OUP) commissioned a freelance researcher to conduct an impact study, aiming at exploring students’ motivation and enjoyment in learning English using Oxford Achiever. In particular, whether Oxford Achiever motivates students to learn in an independent manner and enjoy learning. 

A local school, Fung Kai Innovative School, was recruited to take part in the impact study. During the academic year of 2016 to 2017, 492 students from primary 3 to 6, aged from 8-11, were invited to Oxford Achiever (OA). Students were given login names and encouraged to do OA activities in their leisure time. Freedom and flexibility were also given to teachers on using OA either in class or as a self-learning activity.    
After the academic year, a questionnaire was distributed to the children in early 2018 to depict the perceptions of students on motivation and enjoyment in OA. 

Key Evaluation Findings 
  • Nearly 500 primary school participants took part and the study found that students were generally positive towards OA.
  • Senior primary students regard OA more suitable for their level and enjoyed OA activities compared to junior primary students; whereas junior primary students preferred and engaged in games significantly more than senior primary students. While students expressed enjoyment and perceived effectiveness in learning via OA, it is advised that more interactive presentation and examination on level of difficulties could be implemented and examined in junior levels of OA respectively to further enhance junior primary students’ learning experience.