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How Good is Your English? App

Find the right level of English and read your way to better English.

Use the ‘My level?’ test in this app to find the right reading level, and then enjoy a chapter from one of our 30 Oxford Bookworms apps, for free.

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Oxford English Vocabulary Trainer App

An adaptive app that gives students personalized, intelligent feedback coaching them to a better understanding of the words they are learning. Students can add word lists from OUP courses such as Navigate, English File 3e, Headway Academic Skills and Q:Skills for Success, as well as create their own from the integrated Oxford Essential Dictionary or multi-lingual dictionary.

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Learn the Oxford 3000 App

牛津 3000 詞是最該深入學習的英語詞彙,涵蓋一般英語文本 80-85% 的內容。本應用程式提供大量練習題,包括詞義、用法和聽寫題目,助你鞏固對牛津 3000 詞的認識,打好英語基礎。詞典完整收錄牛津 3000 詞,具檢索功能,配備英美發音。

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Practical English Usage App

Practical English Usage answers your questions about the English language - and the questions your students ask. It is organized as an A-Z dictionary of over 600 problem points in the English language, all explained with practical, clear information. Now in its third edition, Practical English Usage has sold over two million copies and is a world best-seller.

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Oxford Learner's Quick Reference Grammar App

Quick, clear and easy-to-understand explanations of the grammar you need to pass exams and communicate well in English.

A great tool for doing grammar ‘on-the-go’. Need a quick reminder of the conditional? Look it up on OLQRG. Spare few minutes on the bus? Do some grammar revision with OLQRG.

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Spell with Pip: An Oxford Spelling Game

So much fun children won't even know they are practising their spelling, as they help Pip the Parrot get back to his home in the jungle.

Children will love the vibrant and absorbing gameplay.
Focuses on words that children commonly find hard to spell, based on the latest research from the team behind the world-famous, market-leading Oxford Dictionaries for children.

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Word Champions

Word Champions is a free word game where the more words you know in English, the more points you score. Choose your topics. Challenge your friends. Join a growing community of players and play to be Word Champion of the world! 

Word Champions uses vocabulary, topics and questions from Oxford Learner's Dictionaries published by Oxford University Press, the world’s authority on English language.

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