About Get Set, Go! Phonics

Get Set, Go! Phonics is a three-level series aiming 
to help young children build a solid foundation of language and phonics skills in kindergartens, and eventually facilitate the development of their speaking, reading and writing skills.
Get Set, Go! Phonics was the winner of ‘Excellence in Course Innovation’ at the 2018 British Council ELTons Awards. The ELTons are the only international awards that recognize and celebrate innovation in English Language Teaching. To know more about the ELTons, please click here

The series specially focuses on developing young children’s phonological awareness (PA) which is fundamental, prerequisite knowledge to enable effective learning of phonics. Through interactive stories, engaging chants and songs as well as various games, young children are able to succeed in the smooth transition to primary English learning.

If you want to know more about Get Set, Go! Phonics, here is a short introduction video for you!

Before you start your teaching through wonderful stories, songs and games, please watch the following Get Set, Go! Phonics teaching demonstration videos.

For more information on Get Set, Go! Phonics, please click here.

K1 Teaching Demonstration

Guide children to count the syllables and identify onsets/beginning sounds.

K2 Teaching Demonstration

Guide children to identify common rhymes and acquire blending skill.

K3 Teaching Demonstration

Guide children to learn more rhymes, consolidate their blending skill and acquire segmenting skill.