Oxford Junior Secondary English Seminar – Come and experience a new era of learning
As educators, we believe every student can shine with the right learning tools. With this in mind, OUP organized a Junior Secondary English seminar – ‘Come and experience a new era of learning’ on Saturday, 25 March 2017 to provide teachers with ways to help students become active life-long learners.
Through a lively role-play, the ELT Editorial team demonstrated how Self-directed learning, Hybrid classroom, Interesting and engaging content, New step-by-step writing and Enhanced Diagnostic Pack in New Treasure Plus (Second Edition) motivate students to learn while leading them to success. With elements of the recently updated curriculum such as STEM education and text grammar, New Treasure Plus (Second Edition) provides a comprehensive solution to all your education needs.
This was followed by four experienced teachers sharing their e-learning expertise in different learning areas. Mr Jimmy Yuen and Mr John Man from Lee Kau Yan Memorial School shared with teachers how the user-friendly e-Activities in New Treasure Plus (Second Edition) make the lesson more structured for teachers and more fun and interactive for students. Ms Si Wing Ng from True Light Middle School of Hong Kong and Ms Jenny Leung from HKBUAS Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School explained to teachers how they use e-learning tools to facilitate the teaching of reading and writing respectively. They both mentioned that blended learning is effective in their classrooms as it is more motivating and collaborative for students.
The seminar received remarkable support from teachers, many of which stayed behind to review the coursebooks with the enhanced support resources it provides. Check out the snapshots of the seminar:


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