CFL Seminar for Primary School Teachers
 –– Prepare Students for the 21st Century 

Oxford University Press organized the first Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL) seminar – ‘Prepare Students for the 21st Century’ for primary school teachers on Saturday, 27 January 2018 to provide teachers with ways to enhance CFL teaching and learning. This event also marked the debut of Oxford’s first-ever primary CFL textbook series, Oxford Elementary Chinese.
Two sharing sessions were arranged. For the first one, the keynote speaker, Professor Honggang Jin, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Humanities of University of Macau, explained to the audience the 10 principles of Modern Language Teaching which enabled teachers to gain understanding about the 10 empirically-based methodological principles of CFL instruction and learn how to effectively apply these principles in their daily teaching.


Professor Honggang Jin

Dean of Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Macau
Topic:  The 10 principles of modern language teaching

For the second one, Ms Hiuling Ng, Lecturer of the Hong Kong Baptist University Language Centre, shared her teaching experience in CFL. She demonstrated to teachers how to use story and activity based approach to enhance teaching and learning outcome.


Ms Hiuling Ng

Lecturer of Language Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University
Topic:  Enhancing teaching and learning outcome through story and activity based approach

This was followed by a lively role-play by the editorial team. The team demonstrated the powerful e-learning platform and the appealing materials of Oxford Elementary Chinese. With elements of fun activities, rich e-resources, cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary learning, Oxford Elementary Chinese can effectively raise students’ learning motivation and provides a comprehensive solution to achieve high-flying learning outcome.   

Classroom on the fingertips –– 
OEC e-book demonstration

The seminar was well received by teachers who were impressed by the rich support resources and teacher-friendly materials of Oxford Elementary Chinese. Check out the snapshots of the seminar below.