Primary English Seminar – Enjoy Blended Learning with Ready
To provide teachers with a comprehensive solution to developing students’ language skills and raising students’ learning motivation with blended learning, OUP organized a Primary English seminar – ‘Enjoy Blended Learning with Ready’ on Saturday, 18 March 2017. This event also marked the debut of Oxford’s new primary English textbook series, Ready.
After the opening remarks by Ms Mei Mei Ng, General Manager of Oxford University Press (China), the members of the ELT Editorial team conducted a lively role-play to explain how Ready presents the major updates in the English Language Education Key Learning Area Curriculum. With a powerful e-learning platform, appealing materials and comprehensive self-directed learning resources, OUP aims to revolutionize teaching and learning by making English lessons interactive and enjoyable.
The keynote speaker, Mr Benjamin Moorhouse, Lecturer from the Division of English Language Education of the University of Hong Kong, then shared with our teachers some useful e-learning tools. He also created tongue twisters with over 200 teachers using a tag cloud. Through this simple e-learning activity, Mr Moorhouse successfully showed how e-learning can help develop students’ creativity and make English lessons fun and engaging.
The seminar was well received. Teachers were impressed by how Ready and its student-centred and teacher-friendly materials effectively address the curriculum changes. Here are some snapshots of the seminar.
For enquiries, please contact the OUP Account Executive for your school. They are all READY to let you know more about Ready.

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