Fictional and non-fictional titles

Fictional titles (36) enable learners to learn through interesting stories. Non-fictional titles (12) bring a taste of reality to further inspire the learners. 
Fiction Non-fiction Non-fiction

Activities and games

Engaging individual and group activities and games develop the learners’ Chinese proficiency and other soft skills such as teamwork and communication skills. Learners learn with fun!  


Songs and chants

Delightful songs and chants stimulate the learners to learn and use Chinese language and express themselves in lively musical fashion.  
Song Chant

Writing and typing guides

Step by step guides to writing and typing Chinese enable the learners’ to learn Chinese writing in an easy to follow and proper way. In addition, they learn to use Pinyin input to type Chinese. 

Cultural and cross-disciplinary projects

Cross-cultural content arouses the learners’ appreciation for both Chinese and other cultures. Cross-disciplinary projects allow the learners to use Chinese language while acquiring knowledge of other subjects. Many of the projects are hands-on.  
Chinese culture Multi-cultures
Arts and crafts Science Liberal arts

Game-based reviews

Game based reviews are the best examples of learn/review Chinese through play! Different types of games are available to provide best experience and enhance learning outcome.  
Bingo Board game Card game
Turn the wheel Throw a dice Role-play