Set page layout

View e-Textbook in double/single-page spread mode

1. Open an e-Textbook page.
2. Click  on the toolbar, the book page will display in double-page spread.
3. To resume single-page spread, click  on the toolbar.


View contents in ‘split-page’ mode

A split-page in an e-Textbook usually shows another page within the same e-Textbook.
1. Click   on an e-Textbook page, a split page will be opened.


Note: To view the page from another product, please make sure you have already downloaded the relevant content. You will see the below pop-up message if you have not downloaded the relevant content yet.

After a split-page is opened, you can see  on the toolbar:
  • Click  to make the page on the left-hand side active and turn page with .
  • Click  to make the page on the right-hand side active and turn page with .
  • Adjust the magnification of each page by dragging  in between two pages.
  • Click  to close the split-page.