Go to My settings

You can view and change the settings of your iSolution in My settings:
1. Go to the dashboard.
2. Click  to open the menu bar.
3. Click  on the menu bar.


Change iSolution system language

You can choose to use Chinese or English as your iSolution system language.
1. Go to My settings.
2. Select English or 中文, your system language will change instantly.

Note: This language setting only applies to the iSolution system. Language of book contents will not be affected.

Set your device as a public/shared device

If you set your device as a public/shared device, the offline mode will not be available .
1. Go to My settings.
2. Tick the checkbox of This is a public or shared device.


Offline mode

With offline mode, you can open e-Textbooks on your PC without Internet.
Note: Only e-Textbooks would be available when offline mode is on. Product icon of other items (e.g. e-Activities) will be hidden until you switch off the offline mode.
1. Go to My settings.
2. Switch on the button next to Offline mode for e-Textbook.

3. Message prompt. Click OK to close it.

Note: Your account is bound to the device when offline mode is switched on. Therefore you will not be able to log in to iSolution on another device with the same account before you switch off the offline mode on this bound device.