Age 0-6
Oxford Path is a home-based English learning system designed by Oxford University Press for children aged 0 to 6. Based on Oxford's four pedagogies, the system addresses children's learning needs at different stages in the critical period for language learning. This reading-based system helps nurture their interest in reading and eight generic skills through interesting stories.


Oxford Path Baby

Designed dedicatedly for babies under 1 year old according to their development, this English learning series encourages them to explore the world and cultivate their curiosity through interesting games, music and rhythm, reading materials and parent-child interactions. 
1. The content is closely related to babies' everyday life and development
2. Multi-sensory toys are included to stimulate early childhood development and learning
3. Carefully designed curriculum caters for children’s language, mental, physical, social and emotional development needs
4. Recommended parent-child activities help children build a sense of security and strengthen parent-child bond

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Oxford Path Core Pack

Divided into three phases, namely "Get Ready to Read", "Learn to Read" and "Read to Learn", the system incorporates 2,000 high-frequency English words included in the Oxford Essential Dictionary and common sentence structures through stories. Using the spiral learning approach, this system guides children step-by-step through the joyful learning process and helps them revisit what they have learnt.
1. The stories start from everyday scenarios and also cover social and global issues
2. The stories incorporate positive values, and nurture good virtues and inner strength
3. Phonics learning resources enhance reading, word recognition and spelling skills
4. Diversified learning materials stimulate multi-sensory learning
5. The system can be complemented when used together with the Oxford Path Maths Adventure series

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Oxford Path Maths Adventure

This early mathematics learning system is designed for young children aged 1 to 6. With multi-sensory manipulative toys and activity books, this system naturally incorporates mathematics knowledge and concepts into interesting stories and helps develop children's cognitive ability, communication skills, reasoning skills, logical and critical thinking skills.
1. Mathematics concepts are introduced through real-life English stories
2. The system is based on six fundamental domains in mathematics: counting, locating, measuring, designing, playing and explaining
3. Diversified activities are provided to encourage children's continuous exploration and mathematical thinking
4. Unique mathematical manipulative toys are complemented with storybooks and activity books
5. The system and Oxford Path Core Pack complement each other to deliver even better learning outcomes

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