Age 0-6
Oxford Path is an English-learning system designed for children at the age of 0-6, a system that aims at fostering reading habit at an early age while developing English literacy progressively. Through the application of “Spiral Learning”, it helps build a strong foundation of English providing a fun and stimulating environment. To meet children’s developmental needs and to enhance their eight main generic skills, Oxford Path’s multi-sensory items and storybooks do not only enrich children’s vocabularies, but are also connected to children’s day-to-day lives such that they can easily find relevance in what they are learning to generate an interest.


Oxford Path Baby

Oxford Path Baby is designed to arouse newborn babies’ interest in learning English. Storybook Series, Multisensory Learning Series, Let’s Sing Series, and many other educational resources satisfy newborn babies’ unique needs to learn through their senses.

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Oxford Path Core Pack

Centering around 40 stories, Oxford Path Core Pack aims at nurturing children’s reading skills and fostering their reading habit at an early age to prepare them for future formal English education. It covers a full spectrum of components that encourage a rich diversity of learning activities, naturally guiding children into an English learning environment where they are introduced to words and sentence patterns and helping them become autonomous readers and learners in the future.

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Oxford Path Maths Adventure

Oxford Path Maths Adventure is designed for children aged 1-6 to learn mathematics systematically. Developed based on results from academic researches, it consists of a wide variety of components including Storybooks, Activity Books and Manipulative Toys that guide children through the essential mathematical concepts, as well as developing their mathematical understanding and thinking through reading and doing various fun activities. It also helps develop essential skills like critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are vital to effective reading, communication and learning in the future.

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