Oxford Path Primary, specifically designed for children aged 5 to 12, comprises two courses—the English Language course and the Chinese Language course. Each course contains four levels, and a total of 48 engaging topics. Both courses, covering reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, cater for your child’s learning needs comprehensively. Oxford Path Primary, written in accordance with the curriculum guides issued by the Education Bureau, incorporates ‘thematic reading’ and the ‘spiral learning’ approach. With just 20 minutes of practice every day, your child will become biliterate and trilingual much more quickly than you would imagine.



Oxford Path Foundation Pack

As children enter kindergarten, they will start to develop language competencies to prepare for lifelong learning and a smooth transition to primary education. Oxford Path Foundation Pack is designed to develop children’s proficiency in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, and to help them lay a solid foundation in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. It also aims to equip children with the skills needed to succeed in the Primary One admissions interviews. The package features 48 Activity Books and a range of supporting components, including Game Cards and School Interview Cards. It also comes with a Smart Pen to provide interactive guidance and explanation.

Oxford Path Primary Chinese Series

The Chinese course of Oxford Path Primary introduces reading and listening skills (input) and speaking and writing skills (output) in the first and second months of each quarter systematically. The materials not only impart useful knowledge to your child, but also create multiple opportunities for engaging practice. In the third month of each quarter, your child will focus on functional writing such as letters, lists, leaflets, and announcements in the first two weeks. The third week is a ‘Revision Week’, during which your child will have the opportunity to revise and reinforce what they have learnt so far. The last week is an ‘Assessment Week’, during which your child’s learning will be assessed through carefully designed activities and exercises.

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Oxford Path Primary English Series

The English course of Oxford Path Primary provides learning materials on 12 interesting topics each year. During the first three weeks of each month, the focus is on vocabulary and grammar, as well as reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The wide variety of games and engaging tasks included in the course provides ample opportunities for practice. The fourth week of each month is a ‘Revision Week’, during which your child can revise and reinforce what they have learnt so as to achieve optimal learning results.

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