​The Integrated Curriculum and English textbooks published by OUP adopt the Guide to the Pre-primary Curriculum and facilitate young children in learning authentic languages.

《活學探未來》Home Learning Packs 1 -3 (Launched in 2024)

A new series of picture books and activity books that adopt a playful approach to learning, following the kindergarten curriculum guidelines proposed by the Hong Kong Education Bureau. It contains loads of fun activities including STEM+, Music and Drama elements to engage children, and encourage them to develop a sense of wonder.

Each pack consists of: 
  • 8 talking storybooks
  • 8 talking activity books
  • 8 sets of mini talking word cards, task cards and number cards
  • 8 sets of talking paper puppets
  • Parents' guide (digital format)
  • iSolution eBooks (stories, games, music videos, character strokes demo)


愛說普通話 (第三版) Home Learing Pack (Launched in 2024)

Learning Putonghua through diverse and fun activities

The series helps to boost children’s interest in learning Putonghua and consolidate their Putonghua knowledge through diverse and fun ways like enjoying the stories, songs, listening activities and language games. The series is also compatible with Oxford Reading Pen, not only encouraging children to listen and speak Putonghua anytime, anywhere, but also motivating them to learn by themselves effectively.


Get Set, Go! Phonics Home Learning Pack

Get Set, Go! Phonics is a three-level series aiming to help young children build a solid foundation of language and phonics skills and eventually facilitate the development of their speaking, reading and writing skills.

The series specially focuses on developing young children’s phonological awareness (PA) which is fundamental, prerequisite knowledge to enable effective learning of phonics. Through interactive storytelling, engaging chants and songs, as well as various games, young children are able to succeed in the smooth transition to primary English learning.

The pack consists of:
  • Talking Pupil's Books 1-6
  • Talking Pupil's Books PLUS 1-2 (newly published in 2023)
  • Talking Game Posters 1-6
  • Talking Phonics Cards
  • Talking Word Cards
  • Oxford iSolution (stories, songs, ryhmyes, games)
  • Parents' Guide
  • Oxford Reading Pen           


Get Set, Go! Oxford English Home Learning Packs

Get Set, Go! Oxford English is an integrated series specially designed for young children learning English. The series adopts the Total Physical Response (TPR), which is proved effective in teaching and learning foreign languages. Through interactive storytelling, games and songs, children are able to learn English in an enjoyable way, and establish a solid foundation for English language.

We provide differnt packs to cater various needs:
  • N1:Talking Letter Books (with texture), Talking Letter Posters, Talking Letter Cards
  • K1:Talking Pupil's Books 1-2, Games At Home activity book 1
  • K2:Talking Pupil's Books 3-4, Games At Home activity book 2
  • K3:Talking Pupil's Books 5-6, Games At Home activity book 3