Higher Education


Oxford University Press is dedicated to publishing high-quality business, management and marketing content for students. All of our books are designed with learning features throughout to ensure students get the most out of their studies. With market-leading textbooks in fields spanning from marketing to business ethics to organizational behaviour, you can be assured that when you recommend an Oxford business textbook on your course, the content received is of the highest quality.

Physical and Life Sciences

Oxford University Press publishes a wide range of textbooks for students of the physical and life sciences. These titles, authored by experts in the field, encompass the latest research and are supported by teaching and learning resources.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Oxford University Press is dedicated to publishing textbooks for humanities and social science students. Our textbooks and resources explore both local and global contexts, incorporate the latest theories and research, and develop critical thinking skills. Each book is reviewed by experts in the field to ensure content of the highest quality.

Medicine & Health

Oxford University Press's medicine publishing includes the best-selling Oxford Medical Handbooks, and the innovative Oxford Assess and Progress revision series. We also publish a range of titles in pre-clinical subjects including physiology, histology and immunology that are authored by experienced educators and provide carefully developed content.

Geography & Environmental Science

Oxford University Press publishes a collection of geography and environmental science textbooks. With experienced authors and the most up-to-date content, we provide reliable content to help students deepen their understanding on the subject.

Engineering Science

As a prestigious publisher of engineering science textbooks for undergraduate and graduate students, Oxford University Press is committed to providing course solutions that reflect the needs of learners and prepare them for successful engineering careers in the future.


Oxford University Press offers a wide range of legal educational materials to accompany a law student through their educational journey and into professional life. Each textbook is written by legal experts, peer-reviewed, and includes the latest in scholarship, research and legal development.


Our mathematics list has a long tradition of exceptional scholarship across the breadth of mathematics, from pure mathematics to the many applications of mathematics and statistics.

Language & Linguistics

Oxford University Press provides an indispensable array of textbooks written by leading linguistics experts. Our language and linguistics textbooks aim to meet the needs of students at every level of study, by providing readable and up-to-date introductions to the fields and subfields of the discipline. Whether you are looking for a core textbook for your course or thoughtful supplementary reading that is accessible, we certainly can meet your needs.