Make your own notes

Highlighter, Drawing Pen and Eraser

Click  on the toolbar after opening a book page, you can choose the below stationery:
  • Select the colour and line boldness for the highlighter and the drawing pen  in the pop-up panel.
  • Remove notes by using eraser.


Hide/Show all mark-ups

  • Click  to hide all markings made on the page.
  • Click  to show all markings made on the page.


Using sticky notes

Add a sticky note:

  • Click >  on the toolbar to create a sticky note. Type your notes on it.
  • Click  to collapse the sticky note.
  • When the sticky note is collapsed , you can drag it to anywhere on the page.


Remove a sticky note:

  • Drag  into  that appears when dragging the icon.


Insert external resources

You can add your own teaching resources (e.g. document, image file, audio file, video file, hyperlink to a website) on any page of the book.

Add resource to the page:

1. Click  >  on the toolbar.
  • Click  to add a resource file from your PC, or
  • input a web address in the File/Website box.
3. Enter description of the resource in the Description box. 
4. Select an icon for the resource.
5. Click  to save.
6. Drag the icon and place it anywhere you want on the page.


Remove resource to the page:

1. When dragging the resource icon,  appears on the page.
2. Drag the resource icon into.


Bookmark a page

You can bookmark a page for future reference.

Add a bookmark:

  • Click  on toolbar. The current page is bookmarked.
  • You can add a tag/description to the bookmark for reference.
  • You can find your bookmarks from the My bookmarks tab on the table of contents of the unit.

Remove a bookmark:

  • Click  on the bookmark.



Click > on the toolbar, you will see a whiteboard shows on the page:

  • : Drawing pen. You can change the colour and line thickness of strokes.
  • : Text. Input text on the whiteboard. You can change the font colour and size. Click/Tap the text box before you input any text.
  • : Eraser. Remove any drawing or text from the whiteboard.
  • : Rubbish bin. Delete all drawing and text from the whiteboard.
  • : Cursor. Click/Tap to back to the cursor.
  • : Drag the bottom right corner to resize the whiteboard.

Remove whiteboard from the page:

1. When dragging the whiteboard icon, a rubbin bin icon appears on the page.
2. Drag  into .