Access your notes on another device

You can back up your notes and attachments to the Cloud and restore them to another device.
1. On the device with the notes, go to the dashboard.
Click on the toolbar. The Cloud icons will appear on the product icons of the e-Textbooks with notes and external files.


Back up your notes to Cloud

Oxford iSolution will soon have a system update. Please back up your notes and resources to the Cloud before 26 July, or else they may be lost after the update.

1. Update your iSolution  to obtain the latest Cloud feature.
Reference link: iSolution updates

2. Click  on the dashboard toolbar to turn on the Cloud mode.
Check the box(es) of book covers that you wish to back up. You could use  to select/unselect all items.

Then, click  on the top right-hand corner.
5. Click Yes to confirm and upload the notes and resources in the selected books to the Cloud.

6. When you turn on Cloud mode next time on the same/another device, the date & time of the last upload will be shown on the corresponding book cover. Your notes have been backed up successfully.

Restore your notes from Cloud

1. Log in to iSolution on your other device.
Click  on the dashboard toolbar.
3. Click  on the e-Textbook with backup notes.
4. A pop-up will ask if you wish to restore changes from Cloud with the appropriate timestamp. Click Yes to continue.

5. The notes and files will be downloaded to this device that you are using.