Frequently Asked Questions

General Product Enquiry

1. Can I place a book order directly from the Oxford University Press (OUP)?

We do not accept orders from individual customers. You can order our products directly through our retailers.

2. Where can I find a product price list?

To search for a book, you can go to our webpage and use the search bar in the upper-right corner; or you can view our current stocklist.

3. How can I submit my manuscript for publication?

We welcome each and every contributor. Please send your submission to and include the word ‘SUBMISSION’ in the subject line. Your submission will be acknowledged as soon as possible.

4. How many type of dictionaries published by Oxford University Press?
How can I choose the right one?

OUP publishes an extensive range of dictionaries in print and online, from English-Chinese bilingual dictionaries, English monolingual dictionaries to dictionaries for study, to meet the diverse needs of learners.

English-Chinese Bilingual Dictionaries English Monolingual Dictionaries
Grammar & Usage
Oxford A-Z
Effective Writing
Children References
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Textbook – After Sales Service

1. The Oxford Reading Pen purchased from my child’s kindergarten has a defect. Where do I get my Pen fixed?
OUP provides a 1-year warranty service on its pens from the date of purchase.
If you are having any issue with your Oxford Reading Pen, please return the Pen to your child’s school for onward transmission to OUP for inspection and repair during the warranty period. In General,  repair period takes about three to four weeks.

Unfortunately, there will be no repair service after the warranty period. Should you wish to place a new order, please contact your child’s school directly.
2. Where can I buy the teacher’s edition of OUP’s textbooks and workbooks?
The teacher’s edition of OUP’s textbooks and workbooks are non-saleable items, which  are provided to school teachers as teaching guides only.
3. What should I do if the download of Oxford iSolution fails?
Please send us an email to, describing your problem and attaching a screenshot of any error message you saw. We will respond to you as soon as possible during our office hours.
4. Where can I find or download the Oxford Learning App (OLA)?
OLA has been integrated as one of the modules in Oxford iSolution, OLA can be found by logging in to Oxford iSolution.  
5. I have forgotten my username and password of Oxford Learning App (OLA)/Achiever. What should I do?
Students who have forgotten their username and password may contact their teachers directly.
For teachers, please contact our Account Executive for your school or send us an email to
6. I have forgotten my username and password of Teaching Resource Centre (TRC). What should I do?
Click here and enter your registered email address. We will send you a link to reset your password.
7. If I buy a misbound or misprinted book, viz. incorrect page order or missing pages, what should I do?
You may send us an email to, stating the title and ISBN, and the defect; or contact us at 2516 3126 for assistance.

Oxford Path - Product Information

​1. I am interested in learning more about Oxford Path / I would like to buy the products, how do I contact you?
You can call us or visit our Oxford Path Centre to know more about Oxford Path or purchase our products. Please find below the address and opening hours of our Centre.

Oxford Path Centre
Tel: 2516 4567 / 2214 0998
Address: Room 1406-1407, 14/F., Wing On Kowloon Centre, 345 Nathan Road, Kowloon
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday
Public Holiday
11:00 – 19:00
11:00 – 18:00
12:00 – 18:00

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2. How much does Oxford Path cost?
Oxford Path offers a variety of supports and services to cater for diverse learning needs of children of different age groups.
Free trial service is now on for families with toddles and children up to 12. Click here or contact us now at 2516 4567 / 2214 0998 to register!

Oxford Path - News and Events

1. How can I find out about the events organized by Oxford Path?
Oxford Path organizes various events and programmes regularly. You can browse the ‘News and Events’ page of the Oxford Path webpage or connect with us on our Facebook page.
2. I would like to participate in activities organized by Oxford Path. What if I cannot enrol online?
Please call us at 2516 4567 / 2214 0998 during office hours for assistance.
3. How do I know if my enrolment is complete and how will I be informed of the enrolment result?
If your enrolment is accepted, you will receive our confirmation email. Please make sure you provide a valid email address as the enrolment confirmation will only be sent via email. Applicants who do not receive any notification may consider their enrolment unsuccessful.
Updates of Oxford Path activities will be posted on the Facebook page and Oxford Path webpage. Stay tuned with us.


Oxford Path Courses - Course Information

​1. At what age are children suitable for Oxford Path courses?
​Since 2007, OUP has launched a variety of high quality and structured language courses, including RWI by Oxford, Comprehension & Writing by Oxford, and Oxford Path Chinese Course, to cater for diverse learning needs of children of different age groups. Parents can help your child choose the course that is appropriate for your child’s age.
Course Age Centre
RWI by Oxford 4 years or above Accredited Centre
Comprehension & Writing by Oxford 6 years or above Accredited Centre
Oxford Path Chinese Course From kindergarten level Accredited Centre
2. How do Oxford Path courses accommodate students with different levels of English proficiency?
All students must sit an assessment interview before enrolling in an Oxford Path course. The assessment simply helps us determine students' level of English proficiency so that teachers can place students in the right class. In most situations, those with similar language abilities will be assigned to the same class to make teaching and learning more focused.
3. When will students be able to move on to a higher level?
The teacher will evaluate the performance of each student upon their completion of the course and fulfillment of relevant requirements, and consider if the student is qualified to proceed to the next level. A certificate will be awarded by OUP to students who have successfully completed a level of the programme.
4. How can the teaching quality of Oxford Path courses be assured?
OUP Accredited Centres work very closely with OUP and are regularly supervised. All teachers at the OUP Accredited Centres are experienced teachers in teaching English as a second language. They have received training to ensure a high teaching standard. OUP conduct class observations regularly to provide these teachers with constructive feedback so as to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning. We also collect parents’ opinions and evaluate students’ progress regularly to ensure a high quality curriculum.

Oxford Path Courses - OUP Accredited Centres

1. Where are the OUP Accredited Centres located? And how to find them?
To further OUP’s commitments to promote quality education and nurture the next generation, we cooperate with the learning centres that share our mission and vision in education and offer excellent environment, professional teachers and high quality teaching assurance to their students.
Click here to know more about OUP Accredited Centres.
2. Do all the OUP Accredited Centres offer the same discount?
We cooperate with designated learning centres to introduce high quality Oxford Path courses. Class schedules and seasonal promotions may vary in different OUP Accredited Centres. Please contact the respective Centre for details before enrolment.
3. Can students transfer to another OUP Accredited Centre to continue with their Oxford Path courses?
Yes. As all Oxford Path courses are ability-driven programmes, students who request for a transfer to another OUP Accredited Centre are required to take an assessment for competency-based classing. Should there be a vacancy in the requested Centre, the transfer will be arranged. To learn more about the transfer procedures, please visit Oxford Path Courses website.
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