When China Meets the World — Bilingual Business-Finance Cases

Book Introduction

Author  Edited by Zhihong Chen
ISBN 9780190837693
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The contest in the Chinese market between Taobao and the American ecommerce giant eBay marked an important milestone in the history of Alibaba's early development and serves as a classic in business case studies. My thanks to Professor Zhihong Chen for her narration and analysis of this case and for making it the first chapter of the book. Her Chinese-English bilingual presentation makes this case accessible to readers all over the world. It is with great pleasure that I strongly recommend this book. — Jack Ma Founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group

This is a wonderful collection of cases, documenting Chinese companies' encounters with the world and the experience of foreigners doing business in China. It is a highly instructive book for anyone who wants to understand Chinese business both at home and abroad. And publishing it bilingually gives a further opportunity for both Chinese and foreigners to acquire language skills while grasping the essentials of business in China. — OA Westad ST Lee Professor of US-Asia Relations, Harvard University

I took Professor Zhihong Chen’s Business Chinese and Culture course at Cornell University in 2006 and still remember her class vividly after so many years as she was an extraordinarily dedicated and creative professor. The Chinese language and business knowledge I learned from her class has had a big impact on my career development after graduation. I highly recommend this book as it shows a culmination of her teaching and research accomplishments over a decade. — Meng Xiong Kuok VP of Shangri-La

“Due to the many changes over the past two decades, the bilingual courses I now teach at Cornell University and NYU Shanghai differ greatly from the Business Chinese courses I taught at the beginning of my teaching career. Although language instruction is still important, the business component — often informed by knowledge of history and culture — has become central to the course. This book is the culmination of my collection, selection, and editing of video materials over a decade. It reflects a combination of my teaching experiences at three universities and continual deliberation and revision.”

“Forty years have passed since China started down the road of reform and opening-up. Although many of the trials and tribulations that China has experienced in the past four decades are far beyond the scope of this small book, all of the cases introduced here touch upon important historical aspects and demonstrate different perspectives when “China met the world.” My hope is that readers of this book will appreciate the exciting and critical moments when China changed the world and the world changed China, so as to be intellectually more ready to envision the larger challenges that China will inevitably face when it continuously “meets the world.” I also hope that the readers all over the world will gain a deeper understanding of Chinese language, history, and business culture through the bilingual resources that follow.”

Author Introduction

Zhihong Chen is a Research Professor at NYU Shanghai. She is currently holding professorships at both NYU Shanghai and Cornell University. She joined Cornell in 2005 and NYUSH in 2014. She also was Senior Research Fellow at London School of Economics and taught at University of Virginia in 2001-2005. She was trained in three countries and in three different fields: She received her BA in German language and literature from Beijing Foreign Language College, and her first MA in International Studies from Beijing Normal University. She then received her second MA and Dr. Phil. in International History and Sinology from Cologne University in Germany. She also completed an MS. Ed in College Teaching at SIU in the US.

Her current teaching duties fall in two areas: 1) “Chinese Business and Finance: A Bilingual Introduction” aims to help students develop oral, written and socio-linguistic skills they will need to function successfully in their future business careers. 2) “Reading and Viewing Modern China: A Bilingual and Multimedia Introduction” is designed to help undergraduate students use Chinese and English to conduct research on topics of modern Chinese history.