【Past Event】2021 Professional Development Online Talk & Official Launch of New English Series
Set up a quality Online Merge Offline (OMO) environment for children to learn English

Speakers' Sharing
Dr LAU, Carrie G.L.

Assistant Professor
Programme Director, BSc in Applied Child Development Faculty of Education,
The University of Hong Kong 
Miss Glenda Li

Education Services Consultant, Early Childhood Education
Oxford University Press
This year, Oxford University Press officially launched Oxford English for Preschool (OEP). This brand new integrated English series is carefully designed with young children’s learning needs in mind. It adopts the Simultaneous Multisensory Approach and incorporates auditory, visual and tactile-kinesthetic experiences into children’s learning, which greatly stimulates children’s interest in English and enhances their English skills.
On 19 Mar 2021, Oxford University Press organized the professional development online talk ‘Set up a quality Online Merge Offline (OMO) environment for Children to learn English’, and officially launched Oxford English for Preschool. We were honoured to have Dr Carrie Lau and Miss Glenda Li as our speakers, who shared with teachers how to effectively create a quality English learning environment both online and offline. It was also our pleasure to have have four English teachers from two kindergartens (St. Vincent De Paul Nursery School and Lok Sin Tong Tang Tak Lim Kindergarten) demonstrating live how to creatively set up sensory walks with the OEP Multisensory Game Kit. Our master of ceremonies, Vivek Mahbubani, the famous Hong Kong stand-up comedian hosted an OEP Kahoot! Quiz with nice prizes. The teachers were actively engaged and had a lot of fun.

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