Conduct an e-Activity

Open an e-Activity

There are two ways to open an e-Activity: 1) via in-book icon in e-Textbook and 2) through the relevant e-Exercise module in e-Activities.

Via e-Textbook

1. Open an e-Textbook from the dashboard.
2. Click an icon of the e-Activity, such as Polling .
3. The e-Activity page appears in the split-page.

Note: You can adjust the page size by dragging  in between two pages.


Via e-Activities

1. Open an e-Activities from the dashboard.
2. If you have control over multiple classes, please select the appropriate class on the top-most tab.

3. Click and enter an e-Activity module.


Start an e-Activity

After the teacher opens an e-Activity (from either e-Textbook or e-Activities):


Start an e-Activity

Teacher side: Click  to start an e-Activity. The button will become  .
Student side: Students go into the e-Activity on their own devices. The  button will be showing on top-right corner.
Teacher side: Click   , teacher can see the student list of this class.



Student side: Click  to submit their work to teacher. Click OK to close the prompt message.

Teacher side: Students who have submitted their work will be marked with an * on the name list.


Stop the e-Activity

Teacher side: Click  to stop the activity.
Student side: Can no longer submit or re-submit their work to teacher.
Note: All submitted students’ work will be cleared if you re-start an e-Activity.


View students’ sharing of e-Activity

View Individual student’s sharing

Teacher can check individual answers by clicking on the student names on the drop-down name list.

Overview the class submissions
Click  on submission items to bring up an overview list of submissions. Teacher can press on submission items to examine them.

Note: Teachers can view students’ sharing even the e-Activity has not been stopped yet.


Peer rating

Start a peer rating

Teacher side: Open an overview page of an e-Activity. Select a student’s work and click  next to it.



Rate for others’ work

Student side: A pop-up box with thumb icons appears on the student devices. Students can click  on to rate for the chosen work.


See result of peer rating

Teacher side: Instant rating result of the selected work shows on teacher device. The result will be the average of all the rating from students.
Student side: Instant rating result of the selected work shows on student devices.



End the peer rating

Teacher side: Click  to close the rating box for both teacher and students devices.