Introduction of the user interface

Introduction of the dashboard

1. Subject. Click to reveal the drop-down list of subjects. Click the subject to see the products of that subject.
2. Level. Click to reveal the drop-down list of grade/level. Click the level/grade for filtering.
3. Hamburger button. Show buttons of the menu bar.
4. Collapse menu bar. Hide buttons of the menu bar.
5. Download-All. Download all contents in your iSolution account.
6. Activation code. Add a product to your iSolution account by inputting an activation code.
7. Cloud mode. Back up or restore your teaching notes and resources files to/from our Cloud.
8. Toggle display mode. Use iSolution in full screen or standard size on your PC.
9. List view. Show the products in a list.
10. Dashboard view. Show the products’ covers.
11. My account. View and edit your personal information.
12. My settings. View and change your iSolution settings.
13. User Guide. Open the iSolution user guide in your browser.
14. Log out. Click to log out of iSolution.
15. To-be–downloaded product. Click the dimmed icon to download the product to your PC.
16. Downloaded product. Click to view the content of the product.


Interface of e-Textbook

1. Back to Dashboard. Click to jump to the iSolution dashboard.
2. Class list. Click and view the drop-down list of teaching classes of the subject.
3. Back button. Click to go back to the previous screen.
4. Contents tab. See content page of the e-Textbook unit.
5. Resources tab. See all resource files of the e-Textbook.
6. My bookmarks tab. See your bookmarks of the e-Textbook.
7. My files tab. See your own attachments to the e-Textbook.


1. Teaching notes. Hide or show the teaching notes on the page. 
2. Resources. View the teaching and learning resources of the book, e.g. e-exercises, videos, mini-games.
3. Hide annotation. Hide the annotations, such as drawings and sticky notes on the page.
4. Show annotation. Show the annotations on the page.
5. Double-page spread. Change to double-page spread view.
6. Single-page spread. Change to single-page spread view.
Stationery. Click to reveal these three buttons.
  Highlighter.  Use highlighter on the page. 
  Drawing pen. Use drawing pen on the page. 
  Eraser. Remove highlights and drawings on the page. 
Sticky notes. Click to reveal these four buttons. 
  Add a sticky note on page.
  Resources. Insert your own resources to e-Textbook.
  Bookmark. Bookmark a page.
  Whiteboard. Draw and write on the on-page whiteboard.
Viewing options.  View the current page in different ways. 
  Focal zoom. Zoom in or out by using the mouse wheel. 
  Fit to width. Resize the page to fit the width of the window. 
  Fit to height. Resize the page to fit the height of the window.
  Full screen. Display iSolution in full screen.
  Standard size. Display iSolution in standard size.
10. ‘MDM’. Switch the Multi-devices management mode on or off. Switch on for classroom management.
  Black screen. Locked up all connected student devices into black screen. 
  Page-flip control. The student devices will go to the same screen/page that is on the teacher device. 
  Student status. To see students’ MDM connection status. An orange dot next to the name means they are not connected, while a green dot means they are connected. 
11. Keyword search. Search for a specific word in the book. 
12. Other resources. Extra learning resources of the e-Textbook, such as online dictionary.
13. User guide. Open the iSolution user guide in browser.
14. Karaoke reading. Listen to the reading passage with text highlighted on the page. 
15. Table of contents. Open table of contents of the book unit.
16. Thumbnail. Navigate through the pages with thumbnail images. 
17. Home. Return to the table of contents page of the module.
18. Previous page. Turn to the previous page.
19. Next page. Turn to the next page.
Minimise the toolbar. Minimise the expanded toolbar.
21. Expand the toolbar. Expand the minimised toolbar.

Eraser. Remove highlights and drawings on the page. 

Interface of e-Activities

1. Lesson Mode. User will see this icon when using lesson mode for e-Activity. Click and switch to   preparation mode . 
2. Class list. Click to see the drop-down list of teaching classes of the subject.

1. Selected class.
2. Refresh. Refresh the page content.
3. Save. Save the changes of the page.
4. Preparation Mode. Manage content of the e-Activities. Click again to switch back to lesson mode.
5. Add resources. Add your own teaching resources to the e-Activities.
6. Icons without arrow and tick. Resources that are readily available in both teacher and student accounts.
7. Icons with a green arrow (in preparation mode). Un-assigned activity/resources. Only visible to teachers before assigning.
8. Icons with a red tick (in preparation mode). Assigned resources. Available to both teachers and students.