Download Contents

Before you use e-Books in iSolution, you need to download the content to your device first.
Note: Internet connection is needed for downloading the contents. Depending on your network speed, it may take some time to finish the download process. Please make sure your device is connected to a stable network.

Download all contents in your iSolution account at once

1. Go to the iSolution dashboard.
2. Click  >  on the menu bar.
Message prompt. Click Yes to start the download progress.
Note: You can cancel the download process by clicking the Cancel button under the download process bar.

Note: The download button will disappear when there is no new content.


Download contents of an e-Textbook/e-Activities

1. Go to the iSolution Dashboard.
2. Click an un-downloaded e-Textbook on the dashboard.
3. You will see the table of contents of the e-Textbook. Click the download button to download the contents.
  • Click  to download all contents of the book.
  • Click  to download a specific unit/section of the book.
4. Click a downloaded section/unit to view the contents.


Delete downloaded contents from your devices

1. Go to the iSolution Dashboard.
2. For PC user:
Right click the product that you want to delete and you can see appears.

For iOS / Android user:
Tap and hold the product that you want to delete, you can see  appears.

3. Click/Tap the  ​ icon.
4. Click/Tap “Yes” to confirm. 
5. The product is deleted from your device.