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There are 4 levels in the series. Each level consists of 12 titles, totaling 48 titles for OEC. In addition, three starter books are also available. They include My First Chinese Culture Book, My First Pinyin Book and My First Chinese Character Book.

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Key features

OEC books consist of fictional and non-fictional content to better suit the different interests of the students. Also, with a wide range of activities and games, cultural discussions, learning Chinese becomes engaging and fun. Students can also learn with interactive E-books.
Fiction Non-fiction Activities & Games Cultural Awareness
All Student’s books and Student’s books (Teacher’s Edition) have E-book version.

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Teaching and learning plan

  • OEC is linked to the Chinese curriculum in English-speaking countries.
  • OEC is flexible for learners to start at any level or any specific book according to their Chinese language ability.
  • OEC enables learners to acquire 21st century skills including but not limited to communication skills, digital skills and cultural awareness.
  • OEC inspires learners to learn Chinese with a fun and result-oriented learning experience.
  • Upon completing OEC, the learners’ Chinese language proficiency will be at CEFR A1/National Curriculum (UK) Level 4/YCT Level 3/HSK Level 2. 


Dr Lee holds a PhD in Chinese Language Education from the University of Hong Kong. He is a former Associate Head and Senior Lecturer in the Education University of Hong Kong and has over 30 years of experience in Chinese language education.
Ms Ng holds a Master in Education Management from the University of Bristol. She worked in the English Schools Foundation (ESF) for many years and is currently involved in teacher training and Chinese curriculum design.

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