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In view of the uncertain development of COVID-19 epidemic, Oxford University Press and Keys Press are committed to provide teachers with full support in adapting to the new normal. By offering abundant e-learning resources across different subjects, we hope to facilitate continuous learning at home and students can get well-prepared for the new year!

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Education Bureau

Using e-learning platforms in combination with flipped classroom strategy to support student learning at home
This webpage aims to provide some quick references to facilitate teachers to prepare and deliver e-learning materials to support student learning at home.

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Supporting the mental health and emotional wellbeing of primary-aged children 
In part one, Dr. Hazel Harris will provide a brief introduction to PERMA and then focus on positive emotions, engagement and achievement. In part two, Adrian Bethune will discuss relationships, meaning and physical activity. They will both share practical advice that teachers can apply immediately to support the wellbeing of their students.
Zoom Tutorial  
How to use Zoom for online teaching? (10mins)  

Projecter for Online Class 
If you do not have a document camera, you want to show your textbook on the camera. you ahve to pick up the book everytime. This is a little creation by a Philippine teacher, Hugo Maestra. All you need is a CD, pencil, tape and a quarter.

  1. Tape the quarter on the CD. The quarter is to weigh the cd down so it can pick up the imagine from the keyboard. 
  2. The pencil is taped on the back just so it can hold the cd. 
  3. Use the tape to fix the materials like photo below
  4. Now, you can project the teaching materials online